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Use this form to submit your application to any of the three sessions of the Piano Program at Villa Medici Giulini, in Briosco (Italy) this Summer.

Your application will serve as an online audition that the Artistic Board of the MIPFA will screen, and evaluate your particiption in the programs and possibilities of being granted of a Merit Scholarship.

Application deadline: June 5th, 2023

Early applicants have more possibilities to be granted of a Merit Scholarship. Also, participants doing early application submissions can request for a longer instalment plan for their tuition fee.

Select the session to which you would like to apply. If you want to participate in more than one session, select all of those that you would like to participate in. If you would like to also apply to the San Marino Orchestral Experience, visit this page.

 Please mark the following checkbox if you would like to be considered to receive a Merit Scholarship. Consider that your application will take longer to be processed, since our Artistic Board will closely screen your profile and may contact you to request furhter information - such as motivation letters, developed artistic biography, etc.

The MIPF allows its accepted participants to pay their tuition fee in up to five monthly instalments, starting when you are application to the program is accepted, until the start of the academy.

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