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deadline for applications: december 6th, 2022

*Applications for scholarships will be screened by MIPF artistic board based on biography, video sent on application and time of the application (earlier applications ahve more possibilities to be selected). Students applying for Merit Scholarships will be notified of the screening results via email.

Not required. You can provide a list of repertoire later, when the Academy dates are closer.
Thank you for applying to MIPFA Winter Academy 2023.

A committee from MIPFA Artistic Board will consider your application, and notify you with the resolution of the same by email.

In the meantime, please do not forget to fulfill your APPLICATION FEE payment. You can find a link to do so bellow 👇
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When filling up the application form, you will be requested to pay the application fee ($50) through our payments page. Please follow the link bellow to access it direclty. This fee will be substracted from your full tuition fee if your application is approved - for those not successful in the audition, the registration fee will be returned.

PAYPAL payments page*
*Includes 3.5% for PayPal transfer fee

In case you would like to pay the application fee through BANK TRANSFER,
please contact us through