june 17th to july 3rd

application form · MIPFA summer programs 2024

Use this form to apply to either the Piano or String Sessions available for this Summer at the MIPFA.

After completing your application, you will be contacted by our team through email to confirm your form submission and proceed with the payment of the application fee.

Select the program in which you would like to participate

Select your instrument (only String Program applicants)

Merit Scholarships can grant students up to a 50% reduction in their tuition fee. Note that receivers of Merit Scholarships are not ellectible to split their tuition fee in installments. Applications requesting a Merit Scholarhip may take longer to receive their application results.

Indicate the solo repertoire that you would like to work during the academy. If you don't know it yet, you can leave this blank and submit the repertoire when closer to the academy's start.

Indicate the chamber music repertoire that you would like to work during the academy. If you don't have any special piece you would like to work, you can leave this in blank and the academy will suggest pieces with enough time to prepare before the start of the session.

Submit a video link of you performing a free program of at least 5 minuts. It can be a video from a recent public performance or specially recorded for this application.

Thank you for applying to the MIPFA 🎹

Your submission has been received and the Academic Team will reach you back in order to proceed with your enrollment.

Please contact info@miamipianofest.com if you have any doubts regarding this process.
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