tuition fee & scholarships


The Tuition fee of the MIPFA in the Italian Alps, covers the academic program plus room and board (three meals a day) and private tours.  participants only have to focus on learning.

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Returning participants

Pianists who participated in previous MIPFA Programs in the last 5 years are automatically granted a tuition discount.

Their application is also more likely to receive a Merit Scholarship based on their involvement with the academy on their last visit to MIPFA.

tuition fees

All plans include complete tuition plus accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

In order to register their application, all participants must cover a $50.00 application fee that will be deducted from the total amount of their final tuition fee.


1st session

June 17th to 25th
Piano + Two Piano Programs

$3,900.00 or up to $390.00 in 10 installments

2nd session

June 26th to July 2nd
Piano + Sonata programs

$3,900.00 or up to $390.00 in 10 installments

full program

June 17th to July 2nd
Piano + Two Piano + Sonata Programs

$6,800.00 or up to $680.00 in 10 installments


full program

June 26th to July 3rd
String + Sonata Programs

$1,900.00 or up to $190.00 in 10 installments

installment plans with 0% interest

The MIPFA installment plan for tuition fees serves as a crucial tool in alleviating financial barriers to education. By breaking down payments into up to 10 manageable monthly installments, this approach enhances financial accessibility, reduces stress, and promotes budgetary planning.

Once enrolled, your installment plan will start running, charging the agreed amount every month until the complete tuition fee is covered.

Our installment plan has a 0% interest.


Thanks to the support of individual donors that support the Miami International Piano Festival Academy, the artistic committee will select five outstanding participants as recipients of merit scholarships.

Merit scholarships are granted only to those participants with a level of excellence. The artistic committee will review the online auditions submitted with their application to grant these scholarships that will cover 50% of the cost of the program. 

Merit scholarships will help cover only the expenses of the program. Participants need to cover their application and registration fees ($50.00 and $250). Applicants that participate in previous programs are more likely to obtain a Merit Scholarship.