JANUARY 2nd to 10th, 2024
Cadet Hotel / Miami Beach (USA)

application available from sept. 25th, 2023


Unlike the territorial acrimony of other institutions, which breeds unpleasant competitionamong students and faculty, MIPFA is unique because all students work with every facultymember.

If attending all three sessions of our Italian program, it means working with as many as seventeen different distinguished concert pianists. This is the distinctive mark of the MIPFA: to offer a joyful environment that provides a myriad of ideas for students to think, reflect, and decide which is most natural and comfortable for their hands, mind, and heart.

Competition amongst students or teachers is non-existent, replaced by enjoyable camaraderie and a collective love of music. Music then, is not only beautiful and exciting, but also so much fun!

know our FACULTY

8 worlD-class professors will be working with you during the program

Our faculty is carefully selected among the most influential pianists and pedagogues of the international scene, creating a balanced team so that all our students can experience different approaches in piano teaching.

In each of the sessions, you will have the chance to enjoy a different team of professors and activities.

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apply to the mipfa summer programs

Once the application is open, you will be able to enroll to the MIPFA Winter Piano Program.

Early applicants will have the chance to split their payment in up to 3 monthly installments, making it easier for them to afford it. *.*

application available from sept. 25th, 2023

fees & costs

Know the application costs linked to the different sesions of MIPFA Winter Piano Program 2024..

Outstanding applicants, as well as returning students, are eligible for merit scholarships to reduce the cost of the tuition.

tuition fees

pre-apply to mipfa at villa medici giulini in 2023

All participants will be hosted at Villa Medici Giulini's facilities – Room and Breakfast  costs are included in their tuition fee.

• In the cost of each of the rooms is included breakfast and VAT 10%
• • Each student can choose to either have a single room or a double room. Double room's tuition fees are cheaper. Know more
• Many rooms have private kitchens, and additional kitchens are available for the rooms that don’t have private kitchen
• As for lunch and dinner participants can walk to a restaurant near the villa which costs 12 euros per person, or they can buy food to cook inside, in the supermarket near the villa

a unique experience for piano players

The Miami International Piano Festival Academy is a one-of-a-kind piano program tailored for those who aim to become great artists.